Discover The Woman Who’s Unable To Move From
The Neck Down After Giving Birth

This is a story of how a first-time mother became immobile after giving birth. After struggling with fertility issues for years, 31-year-old Tracy finally received the news that she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, after the birth of her baby, there were some medical complications during her labor that resulted in a tragedy. A devastating traumatic brain injury left Tracy paralyzed from the neck down.

Prisoner In Her Own Body

Despite receiving a multimillion-dollar malpractice settlement, Tracy’s life will never be the same ever again. Once a healthy woman full of life, she now lives with her parents and had to be fed from a tube.

“It felt like I was buried alive in my own body. Every night, I cried myself to sleep…wishing that I could hold my baby just once.”


Instead of leaving Tracy, her husband stayed by her side. He even quit his job so he could take care of her and their son. Hoping to find a solution, Tracy's family took her to many professionals but nothing worked!

Finding Out The Cause

When Tracy's story went viral around the world, hundreds of thousands of people expressed sympathy for her sacrifices.

Dr. Stanley, a world-leading neurologist was one of them. He has been specializing in traumatic brain injuries for more than 25 years.

To learn more about Tracy’s condition, Dr. Stanley ran MRI scans on her and he was shocked because her condition was something he’d never seen before:

“Medical complications during childbirth are more common than most people realize. However, Tracy's case is the most severe.”

“Her tests revealed that she suffered a brain injury due to the severe lack of oxygen levels in her brain cells. The brain requires a constant supply of oxygen to operate properly to avoid memory loss, inability to speak, and trouble to move the body.”

-Dr. Stanley

The World’s First Doctor

Dr. Stanley was reminded of his recent field research trip to Cairo, Egypt:

“During my trip, I visited an Egyptian woman who suffered 80% damage to her brain. Despite her disability, she lived a normal life and even went on to become a teacher.”

“She revealed that her recovery was all thanks to her ancestor’s traditional remedy using homemade frankincense incense. After researching, I discovered that the ancient Egyptians also used the same aromatic spice for healing purposes when modern medications were unavailable.”

“After inhaling, the brain-boosting qualities unexpectedly helped them to become one of humanity's most intellectual civilizations. They became experts in geometry and mathematics, which they used to build one of the 7 wonders of the world, like the Great Pyramid of Giza.”

“Their intellectual ability allowed them to progress faster than modern humans. It was believed that Imhotep, the first doctor in history and the most intelligent man in Egypt, also used frankincense regularly to help him focus.”

“This helped the ancient genius to succeed not only as a doctor but also, as a mathematician, astrologer, and an architect.”

-Dr. Stanley

Testing Ancient Egypt’s Sacred Brain-Booster

Realizing how this breakthrough discovery could potentially benefit Tracy, Dr. Stanley managed to obtain some of the frankincense incense and gave it to Tracy’s family.

“Before this, Tracy had to blink her eyes to communicate and she couldn't even move a finger but within 4 weeks of using the incense, she was able to say my name and she could hold her baby in her arms.”

“Even though it was a small improvement, we were hopeful for her recovery. We couldn’t stop crying! Becoming a mother is something Tracy has been waiting for her whole life.”

-Elliot, Tracy’s husband

To assess the treatment's effectiveness, Dr. Stanley conducted detailed brain scans on Tracy:

“Tracy's blood circulation to her brain has increased by up to 85%. This will undoubtedly push her brain to recover more quickly as well as have positive impacts on her overall recovery.”

-Dr. Stanley

The Official Debut Of Vaconz™

Dr. Stanley wanted to share this revolutionary discovery with the world. So, he worked with Egypt’s leading frankincense supplier and collaborated with leading biochemists to invent a powerful brain-boosting oil.

They called it Vaconz™. The purest frankincense oil was extracted from the Boswellia trees native to Egypt using the latest steam distillation technique developed by Dr. Stanley:

“When the brain doesn't get enough oxygen, memory loss, mental fog, poor judgment, and difficulty focusing will occur. That is why it’s important to boost circulation to ‘feed’ the brain.”

“Thanks to the high amount of sesquiterpenes in Vaconz™, it can greatly speed up the healing process of brain tissues. With the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier easily, it can deliver oxygen to the brain cells at a quicker pace.”

“This means it can provide vital nutrients to heal injured brain cells, leading to the improvement of mental sharpness, rational decision-making, and the ability to recall a huge amount of information.”

“Additionally, its therapeutic properties will also increase mental clarity while calming the mind and relieving stress.”

-Dr. Stanley

Supercharging The Brain With Vaconz™

When the first batch of Vaconz™ made its debut, Tracy gave her verdict:

“Previously, I had to take baths in bed and could barely speak but after using Vaconz™ for just a week, I was able to sing a lullaby to my baby.”

“I can finally walk again and I no longer need a wheelchair! Apart from feeling more relaxed, I feel sharper after a week.”

“I'm even a motivational speaker now thanks to Vaconz™. Most importantly, I get to say ‘I love you’ to my precious baby. With the help of Vaconz™, my dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled.”


When Vaconz™ was launched globally, 98.5% of customers said it helped them enhance their memory, focus, and cognitive abilities.

74-year-old Nicole is one of them and she recently suffered a stroke:

“My memories were completely wiped away. I even forgot my husband’s name although we’ve been married for decades.”

“For the first time ever, I'd forgotten how to play the violin. This made me feel hopeless because music is my hobby. When my son bought Vaconz™ for me to try, I was skeptical but within just two weeks…”

“I slowly remembered all of my family’s names and their birthdays and I’ll be performing on stage in a couple of weeks!”


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